Mantl 1.0.3 Release

// Ryan Eschinger // Mantl

The Mantl 1.0.3 release includes an improved ELK stack experience, more stable and reliable system packaging, and a number of other improvements, bug fixes, and documentation updates.

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Using Converge to Unarchive a Compressed File

// Allison Richardet // Converge

Converge 0.6.0 adds an unarchive resource that handles archive formats such as zip and tar.gz. This new feature allows you to verify archive sources and manage the unarchiving process on a system. We will discuss the configuration settings and how the unarchive resource works. Examples will cover fetching, verifying, and extracting a file. Data Used to Perform the Unarchive Converge requires the source and destination be provided. Additionally, a few other fields are supported as optional parameters to be used for the unarchive process. Read More…

Setting up rkt

// Brian Hicks // rkt

So you want to try rkt, but a package isn’t available for your distribution. Ideally, you could just run yum install rkt, but the packages are a ways off from being ready for CentOS and Fedora. Frustrating. So what do we do? Install ourselves!

The installation process is actually pretty simple. Rkt is written in Go, and has no other dependencies than a relatively recent kernel. In fact, on CentOS, the setup can be reduced to a handful of steps:

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Using Calico to Connect Mesos and Kubernetes

// Rokas Aleksiƫnas // Networking

Until now, there has been no general solution to bridge network between Kubernetes and Mesos. But, with Mantl 1.1 we’ve changed that. For our network stack we use Calico from MetaSwitch, whom we partnered with, to assign an IP per container for Kubernetes and Mesos/Marathon tasks. This enables communication between these classes of tasks on demand.

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Mesos Log Format: What Does it All Mean?

// Brian Hicks // Mesos

When you’re using Mesos, sooner or later you’re going to need to look in the logs to figure something out. Inevitably, you’ll be greeted by a line like this:

I0909 22:47:01.240617 21904 master.cpp:3600] Sending 1 offers to framework {id}

Uh… what? How do I read that? What are all those arguments? What even is I0909?

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