HashiCorp delivers pragmatic solutions to maximize developer and operator agility. HashiCorp tools build microservice-driven applications that are codified, automated, scalable, and secure.

Asteris is a HashiCorp premium system integration partner. We provide professional services for deployment, architecture, training, and custom development.

How can we help you improve your tooling situation? In the past, we’ve been able to completely automate development pipelines, secure key/value stores like Consul, and develop custom Terraform providers for internal resources.

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Let’s start with an architecture review. We’ll come to your office for a day and review your setup with your engineers. Then we’ll give you a document outlining how to go forward securing and optimizing your deployment. Put your email in the box below and we’ll set up a call to talk about your needs and our process:

If you’re not ready to hop on a call quite yet, check out what we’ve done (and what you can do) with HashiCorp tools:


In past engagements we have written bridges between HashiCorp’s Consul and other systems like Mesos and Kubernetes. Using Consul as a unified service discovery layer lets our clients abstract their discovery from their runtime system. Because of this, they can deliver value to their businesses faster and more accurately.

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We have also developed custom Terraform providers for internal and external use. Our work with Joyent resulted in the Triton provider going open source! This increased the traction of Joyent’s public cloud offering.

See our Joyent case study for more details.


Need help implementing HashiCorp Vault? We’ll help you deploy a secure and highly-available environment, or we can review the security of your current setup. We’ve helped companies integrate Vault with their existing applications, and developed Vault filesystem/Docker volume integration with vaultfs.