Mantl 0.4 Release

// Ryan Eschinger // Mantl

On behalf of the Mantl commiters, we’re pleased to announce the release of 0.4.

This release includes a new Web UI frontend for Mesos, Marathon, Consul and Chronos. This gives users a single authenticated page to connect to the various services provided by Mantl.

We’re excited to add an API that makes it easy to install and run Mesos frameworks on your cluster like Cassandra, HDFS, and Kafka with a single API call.

We’ve also improved networking and storage, with Calico supporting IP per containers and GlusterFS for creating a shared filesystems.

New Features


Mantl 0.4 includes a new WebUI that connects to the various applications (Mesos/Marathon/Chronos/Consul). For example, users can now access Mesos agent logs through an authenticated UI.

Backed by Consul service discovery, the new UI automatically connects to the correct Mesos masters and agents.


We’re very excited to announce support for the first release of Mantl-API.

Mantl API provides a new way for you to manage Mantl clusters. With the first release, you can easily install pre-built applications and Mesos frameworks. With a single API call, you can now spin up Cassandra on your Mantl cluster.

We think Mantl-API will be useful for anyone who is currently running Mesos.


Support for deploying GlusterFS as a shared filesystem has been added.

DNS provider support

Support for DNS providers. We’ve added example code to configure DNS registration of Mantl nodes in DNSimple. Thanks to contributors, we will be adding support for other DNS providers like Route 53 and Google Cloud. We’ll make these more configurable when terraform supports conditional logic.

Calico IP per container networking (tech preview).

Calico is a new virtual network solution, and it’s added in the to enable the IP per container functionality. Calico connects Docker containers through IP no matter which worker node they are on.

Notable bug fixes


The road to 1.0

Mantl usage continues to grow and each new deployment helps us make the project better. We’re currently planning a 1.0 release for February 2016.

We’ll be moving many of the ansible-based deployment tasks into RPM packages to speed up installation over the next two months. We’ll be Making Mantl more modular, so that you can select the scheduling, logging and networking components you want to deploy.

The team is also committed to automated testing, and we’ll be testing Mantl against multiple cloud providers daily.

Features on the roadmap include:

Getting support

If you encounter any issues, please open a Github Issue against the project. We review issues daily.

We also have a gitter chat room. Drop by and ask any questions you might have. We’d be happy to walk you through your first deployment.

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